Shipping to Malta (EU)

Does anyone know why Ring has changed its shipping policy regarding Malta? I have Ring products installed in 2 locations with the Ring Protect Plan on both. I now need to order replacement batteries and additional products and all of sudden it is saying that there is no shipping option to Malta.
I tried contacting customer support but either they did not understand or I dont know as their only solution was to call. Really frustrated as the products are excellent but not having replacement items means have to go through a courier or change systems.

Hi @Nicolaib. Are you trying to order a Quick Release Battery Pack, or another product? It would be helpful if you can link which devices you’re looking to purchase, that way I can check with my team. Feel free to also attach a screenshot of the message you’re receiving at checkout.

@Caitlyn_Ring does it make a difference what is being ordered? I am trying to get the alarm system, but still cannot ship to Malta.

Why have they stopped supplying/shipping to Malta (which is in the EU)?

Hi neighbors, thanks for the continued feedback. I looked into this further, and the current list of European countries that Ring delivers to can be found here. If your country is not on that list, we do not sell or ship to your country at this time. You can still get in touch with our support team if you already have a Ring device and need assistance. Thank you again for your feedback, we’ve made sure to pass it on to the right teams.

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