Shipping to Greece not available anymore? Why?

Hello everyone. Even though I am an existing user with quite a few cameras under my subscription account on the Ring platform, I just tried to purchase some additional cameras a 4-pack of indoor cameras, an I couldn’t complete my purchase because SHIPPING TO GREECE is not an option anyhow like it used to be.
After contacting Customer Service I was advised to complete my purchase over Amazon. No luck either there, even though I tried a few different stores (.de, .fr, .it).
Is my investment going to trash? Why not shipping to Greece? I can purchase anything over the web, amazon, eBay etc and shipped to Greece, BUT NO RING products? Come on!

Hi neighbors. The current list of European countries that Ring delivers to can be found here . If your country is not on that list, we do not sell or ship to your country at this time. Also, if a certain country is not on the list, we would not have information as to why. However, you can still get in touch with our support team if you already have a Ring device and need assistance.

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