Shipping to Canada?

Have folks purchased products from Ring directly and had them shipped from the US? Curious if brokerage/duties are included in the cost or whether to expect a surprise invoice from UPS or whomever Ring uses after the fact?

Hey @pbc. Just wanted to chime in here! When ordering directly from, the price you pay for the product and the shipping are included here, but they will ship from the US. Therefore, any customs and fees associated with shipping are going to be your responsibility if you purchase this way. Hopefully other Canadian neighbors can chime in and speak to how they have felt the process it! Consider this a nice bump for your post. :slight_smile:

If you end up purchasing through us, feel free to share how this went for you as this may help future Canadian neighbors!

I have the same question. Someone that went through this process that can tell us if there are some duties charges that we have to pay to get this in Canada?