Shipping stopped for Greece and many other European countries without notice

Having purchased a number of Ring products during the past years, I am a customer with an active Subscription Plan.
I recently tried to purchase additional products for my summer house, but I could not find my Country (Greece) in the list of countries for checkout.
After contacting customer care I found out that Ring has stopped shipping to Greece, together with a number of other European countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Hungary, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Sweden). They advised me to buy from Amazon which I later found out that also does not work (only for Ring products) for some reason.
I expressed my dissatisfaction demanding to know IF and WHEN they are going to correct this issue.
I did not get a definitive answer (yes or no).

I find the overall experience to be unprofessional, unreliable and misleading for the following reasons:
(a) I was not notified in advance about the change in shipping. I would at least expect an early notice allowing me for a time period to make some last purchases if I wanted. Instead I found out the hard way, at a time where I needed the camera, leaving me no alternatives. An honest explanation of the reason for the change would also be appreciated.
(b) Before calling customer support, I tried chatting with the ring bot, which directed me to a misleading url ( which lists the countries where Ring (used to as I found later) ships. Greece included. That made me believe that this was some kind of error on my side trying different browsers, urls, googling. etc. wasting my time. When I mentioned that to the customer support asking them to update the list, they didn’t even care to take note of the misleading url.
(c) The whole purpose of choosing a provider of security systems is trust. How can I (or anyone for that matter) trust a company that decides to suddenly stop selling to them? What if I had a problem with my existing system and I needed an urgent replacement? How can I be sure that someday they won’t just stop providing the protect service leaving me totally hanging?

I would expect from a company that sells security systems and uses the “Piece of Mind” phrase as its motto on their site to respect and protect its customers. Clearly this is not the case with Ring.

Note to anyone who answers that:
Please do not bother to redirect me to the list of countries that “currently Ring ships to”.
I know that by know (found out the hard way). It is not the point of my post and I would consider this answer to be equally disrespectful as the treatment I had so far.

Instead I would very much appreciate a clear answer on IF and WHEN you are planning to ship to Greece again.


Hi, I have the same problem with shipping to Slovakia. I’ve contacted them so many times, we were speaking about that for almost an hour but they couldnt solve my problem. On the website there is possibility to ship to Slovakia but when Im making an order I couldnt put my address there.

On the other hand when I had a problem with my previous order they solved everything. So im glad with having their products but I still dont understand that shipping policy.

Hi, same here. To there is not email as contact. Only chat or phone call. And seems like Amazon brand sell their products only to west europe. Now Amazon going to acquire vacuum cleaner company and I am expected that it stop to sell this device to rest of europe.


I am also an existing customer with active subscription. I wanted to purchase more products and it seems it is not feasible.

There wasn’t any notice about that and it is very unprofessional. Very disappointed I chose to invest in the products of your brand. I was recommending the products to friends and colleagues but I will stop doing so.

Ring team, you should fix this selling issue immediately. It is a great failure for your corporate reputation.