Shipping not available in Romania

I am trying to place an order in the EU Ring shop, but products are no longer shipping to Romania. I already have “Rest of Europe” as location selected but it still doesn’t work. I tried ordering from PC instead of Android, still doesn’t work. I even tried different cities in Romania, including the capital. Any ideas?

Hi @MihaiDum. What are the specific items that you are trying to purchase? Also, I’ve edited your post to remove your personal email from being visible. Thanks, neighbor.

I have the same problem. I have fully committed to the ring ecosystem, and now I cannot order from Romania anymore using ring Europe. What happened?
I tried to order a couple Ring security cameras… Romania is no longer present on the shipping destination list ….

I saw that a lot of EU countries are not present any more on the list, it’s not only Romania who disappeared … There are 27 Eu countries and just 14 on the list.

Ps: according to this page, Romania should be on the shipping list: