Shipping not available in Romania

I am trying to place an order in the EU Ring shop, but products are no longer shipping to Romania. I already have “Rest of Europe” as location selected but it still doesn’t work. I tried ordering from PC instead of Android, still doesn’t work. I even tried different cities in Romania, including the capital. Any ideas?

Hi @MihaiDum. What are the specific items that you are trying to purchase? Also, I’ve edited your post to remove your personal email from being visible. Thanks, neighbor.

I have the same problem. I have fully committed to the ring ecosystem, and now I cannot order from Romania anymore using ring Europe. What happened?
I tried to order a couple Ring security cameras… Romania is no longer present on the shipping destination list ….

I saw that a lot of EU countries are not present any more on the list, it’s not only Romania who disappeared … There are 27 Eu countries and just 14 on the list.

Ps: according to this page, Romania should be on the shipping list:

Hey neighbors. I looked into this further, and the current list of European countries that Ring delivers to can be found here. If your country is not on that list, we do not sell or ship to your country at this time. You can still contact support for assistance if you already have a Ring device and need help. Thanks for the continued feedback, we’ve made sure to pass it on to the appropriate teams.

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