Shipping issues with Amazon logistics and refund process

We placed an order for ring devices on ring website for our home which consists of total 12 items on 12/28/2022 using Order#001-4760153. Items were shipped as follows:
UPS - 1Z23X3F003027ZZZZZ - 1 item
Amazon Logistics - TBA3046162ZZZZZ - 3 items
Amazon Logistics - TBA3046146ZZZZZ - 4 items
USPS - 93612896700172538ZZZZZ - 3 items
USPS - 93748896700171142ZZZZZ - 1 item

I just masked last five digits of tracking numbers for security reasons.

Above packages shipped through USPS and UPS received successfully but, we didn’t receive Packages shipped through Amazon logistics. I believe we didn’t receive amazon logistics because we have an ongoing shipping issues with Amazon logistics. Below are details:

items booked through amazon website are NOT delivered to our address but instead delivered to wrong address within our city. We raised this complaint with amazon customer support and they told us not to order items through amazon for our address until logistics issues are resolved because all items that ordered through amazon are being delivered consistently to a wrong address. We realized this through the delivery proof pictures. Pictures of Front porch where item kept is not our home but, some different house.

On Jan 5th, I called customer support to raise the same concern and told them I haven’t received these above items sent through Amazon logistics
Amazon Logistics - TBA3046162ZZZZZ - 3 items
Amazon Logistics - TBA3046146ZZZZZ - 4 items

On Jan 5th, customer support created a new replacement order for missing items and told me they notified logistics team to ship the items either through UPS or USPS. But, after receiving shipping tracking number through email I realized they again sent the replacement order through Amazon logistics which I didn’t receive it and shipping status says delivered. I guess it delivered to the wrong address.

We didn’t receive this replacement shipping ordered on Jan 5th
Amazon logistics - TBA304710353654 - 8 items

On Jan 12th once again I followed up with ring customer support for missing items and explained the current issue. customer support once again created individual order of all the missing items saying that logistics suggested to ship as individual item so it picks UPS or USPS instead of Amazon logistics. However, once I received tracking number once again items where shipped through amazon logistics and it got again delivered to wrong address.

Once again, We didn’t receive this replacement shipping ordered on Jan 12th
Amazon logistics - TBA304815560464 - 6 items

I gave up now, We’re having hard time explaining customer support about these shipping issues and initiating refund of funds and returning of the items received.

My challenge is customer support is unable to submit return order for the missing items. Today I was on call for more than 3.5 hours explaining the situation and requesting for returning of the items that we received and refund of all the funds but, couldn’t successfully complete the refund process.

Can someone here please help me with returning my money by initiating the refund process for the missing items as well as returning of 5 products that we received.

Update: customer support created return order for 4 items after spending 3.5 hrs with them.
I want help with refund of all the funds.

Hi @user33488. Thanks for the update. For assistance with a refund, you’ll have to contact our support team directly. Typically, refunds are processed once the items are returned. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

custom support spend 3.5 hrs but, didn’t really get my issue. How can I return items from the order if I didn’t receive the items in first place. All they were doing is return the items that I received but, I was on the call asking for help with missing items.

@Tom_Ring: in your own words you’re saying that support team will process refunds once the items are returned. However, I hope you all understand my real issue. It is all about items not being delivered to my address. Instead Amazon logistics has delivered our items to a different address. Now, how can I return items that I didn’t receive at first place. I spent 3.5 hrs on call explaining the same concern as well as here by posting in the community. however, still you’re not getting my issue.

I lost hope because no body is understanding my real concern… 1.) someone at amazon logistics correct our address so that future orders are delivered our address but not to someone else address. 2.) You and your team are always talking about returning of delivered items but, all I’m asking is that I need refund of the items that are missing i.e. not delivered to my address but, instead delivered to somebody else address.
Again, how can I return the items which I didn’t receive in first place.

Every time I chat or call with Amazon customer support, they say that they submitted a incident form with amazon logistics but, I didn’t hear anything and our issue haven’t resolved yet.

Hi @user33488. I’m happy to try and clarify things here. This is the Ring Community, which is a public forum where neighbors can interact with one another. We are not a direct line to Ring support, and we are not affiliated with Amazon’s customer support team either. The Community team here moderates the forum and offers general troubleshooting assistance.

Concerns related to orders, such as with shipping or billing, need to be directed to our support team, as we do not have access to any of that information. They may refer you to Amazon’s support since you did not receive the items being shipped via Amazon Logistics, but received the other items. Since you have already contacted Amazon Logistics, you will likely need to follow up with them to resolve this issue with the undelivered items.