Shipping - anyone get clarity from Ring on timelines? website and customer support are not accurate / helpful

Anyone else finding Ring’s fulfillment services on shipping to be surprisingly bad? And if so, has anyone successfully navigated getting clarity on when their items will ship / get delivered? If so, would love your thoughts / advice on how to work with Ring here. My situation below…

Placed an order for a variety of security devices from Ring. Website said orders ship within 48 hours. It’s been 3 full days and no movement at all.

It’s also misleading as Ring says “delivery within 5 business days” to Canada. But that’s not the case. Learned it’s 5 days from when the products actually ship, which per above, is already late.

Chatted with customer support online and called Ring’s phone support. No one provides a straight answer. It’s always “we think” it will ship some time in the next few days and then it could take 5 more days from there. Support even called the warehouse to check. After being on hold for 10 minutes, the response back was “they will look into it to ensure things are in stock”. How do they not know whether the products are on the shelves and ready to pick & ship??

It is befuddling how Ring (which is owned by Amazon) can be so opaque and disorganized around shipping timelines. When you buy something on Amazon, it tells you the exact day it will arrive. When you buy something on, you get a mystery and zero clarity from their service team.

I need the items by a certain timeline to satisfy my home insurance policy. Right now, I have ZERO idea if that will happen. I’m quite literally at a point where I have to gamble on whether Ring will come through in time or not. So, I have to decide (with essentially ZERO information) if I should cancel my Ring order and get something else, or hope this happens in time. It’s awfully frustrating and unacceptable (again, given Ring is run by Amazon who don’t have these issues).

If anyone has had success getting Ring to give them clarity on timelines, please do let me know! Would love advice as I have to make some decisions. Needless to say, if I don’t get clarity soon or my order on time, I will not be buying Ring products again. Other companies have this down-pat.

@muzzy1855 did you receive your order yet?

Mine was sent on 27/11 by DPD but still no tracking updates and Ring Support have no idea where it is…