Sharing new location with existing user

Installed camera in new location and now need to share with same user from another location. Cannot find a way to do that in my app. I enter same email address used to share the first location but there is no indication that he has a ring account and the invitation that he gets requires him to set up a new Ring account. Is this a bug in the Ring app? According to instructions I should have the option to add an existing shared user to my other locations without requiring them to set up a new Ring account. Any help appreciated!

Hey @brockmari. When you go into the Ring app > Main Menu > Settings > Users > you should see the person you have once added here. Once you select their name under Shared Users, you can manage what devices they have access to form here. Please ensure if you enable a new device for them to see that you hit save at the top right once you are done. Once you have done this, they should be able to see the new devices you shared to them under the (Shared) location.