Sharing crime videos being denied by Ring

Since 2019 when I try to share a video of a suspicious incident / person or crime, Ring blocks the post and I get a standard statement email saying community guidelines have changed. When I reply and ask for more specific information as to why a video of people committing crimes would be block I get another standard community guidelines email. Has anyone else experienced this or is it that my specific account is blocked for some reason? See below:

Thanks for sharing your post “Illegal dumping and vandalism”.

Your post was removed due to the recent changes to the Unexpected Activity category. Previously this type of content was allowed on Neighbors, however based on feedback from the community about what posts were most useful to them, changes were made to be more selective. We believe that these changes are necessary to reduce the possibility of false accusations and to maintain a culture on Neighbors where all are welcome.

We’re not perfect, so if you feel a mistake was made, please reply to this email so our team can take another look. Thanks for understanding and assisting us in making neighborhoods safer.

The Neighbors Team

Hi @Rosco007. It is important to note that the Ring Community and the Neighbors app are separate and have a different set of guidelines. You can find the Neighbors Community guidelines in our Help Center Article here . I would continue to follow up with the email you’ve received from the Neighbors team if you continue to face obstacles within the Neighbors app. :slightly_smiling_face: