Sharing access with my partner

Hi all. We have had a ring doorbell for years with shared access no problem. My other half gets a new phone and now we have issues. When I end the invite email and she opens it there is no “accept invite” button, just a “manage access” one, and when we click on that it thinks it is me the owner? Any ideas?


Hi @stephp38. You do not need to send another Shared User invite when they get a new phone. They need to log into their existing Ring account, the one you originally shared the Ring Doorbell to, on the new phone. Then, make sure they select the Location with (Shared) in the name from the Location drop down at the top center of the screen. I hope this helps.

Thanks Caitlyn. So when you say their account, what do you mean, it’s my account isn’t it? We did this many years ago so so don’t remember? If they log in with my details it thinks its me correct? So what you are saying is that we set up an account in the past with her email and would have her own password, yes?

Hi, I still need answers please, not fixed it ye.

Hi @stephp38. I’m happy to chime in. It could have gone either way. You could have had your partner create their own account and added them as a Shared User, or you might have just had her log in to your account on her phone. If you are going to add her as a Shared User make sure she creates her own account first and then follows the Shared User process. If you are going to have her just log into your account on her phone, you do not need to follow the Shared User process.

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