Shared users cannot see the doorbell and status does not changed from "invited"

trying to figure out how the hell to add a shared user to my Video Doorbell to get motion sensor notifications and doorbell rings as well as access to historical videos

1- I created a shared user and sent the invite
2 - my wife received the invite fine in her email
3- its by no means obvious that the link she receives is inviting her to “create an account” but that’s what I had to do.
4- once you click on the button in the invite you basically have to “reset the password” because it does not offer that option as part of the" accepting invitation process" it just asks you to login which you cannot do as you’ve never set up a password before.
5- I’ve reset her password and she now has an account! great NOW WHAT???
6- Her phone is not linked to our doorbell. and the invite status on my account still says “invited”
7- I have an option to SCAN THE BARCODE on the doorbell. _ Sod that!! I’m not unscrewing the device from the wall!!!
8- anyway that’s not the option because if you do the shared user wants to take over the “ownership” of the doorbell device!!!

I’m an IT Professional and if I’m struggling to do a simple task of adding the ring doorbell device to multiple users in my household then I don’t see how anyone else stands much chance whatsoever!!!

please explain how to make this simple process work beyond the point of “Sending the invite” which is as far as the documentation goes. and please sort this out its embarrassingly bad and unnecessarily complicated!!!

Thanks in advance

Hi there, @maarten.westera! It sounds like you are doing everything correctly here. When inviting shared users, you can choose which devices and locations they have access to. As long as the shared user is logging in using the email address you’ve sent an invitation to, they should receive access to those devices.

While logged in on your Ring app, open the Menu, and select Settings. There you will see an option called “Users”, where you can manage shared devices and check on invitations. Here is our help center article for more tips and tricks when adding Shared Users. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I am having the same issue, user accepts invite, creates account and it was them to press orange button on the doorbell to be added. The doorbell is already in place and they should have to do that. Also it still shows invite pending but the already accepted it. Need help adding users after they accepted the invite and set up account.

Hi @Tnicole. It sounds like your Shared User is on the wrong Location. Once the Shared User is added, you should’t need to press the orange button on the Doorbell. Try having them switch Locations in the Ring app so they can view the device you’ve shared with them. You can find out more about Locations here. I hope this helps.