Shared user not working


I am trying to share access to ring door bell with wife.

I have sent the email via the shared user tab and granted access to Video door bell.

What we can’t do is get the wife access.

She set up her own account (user name password etc, downloaded the app)

When select location there is nothing there?

Does anyone have an idiots guide / step by step what the shared user has to do once the email is received up to gaining access to the video door bell?

Thank you :pray:

Hi @Jonahjones26. This Help Center article here will cover the Shared Users process. This Help Center article here will cover managing your Locations. I suggest having your wife delete any Shared User invitation emails. If you have any invitations sent in the Ring app, delete them as well. Once you have a clean slate, you can start the process of adding a Shared User. I hope this helps.