Shared user not getting motion alerts

Last night I set up a Ring floodlight camera. Installation and setup were smooth and easy, all went well until I added my wife as a shared user. With ‘motion alerts’ toggled on in her app she doesn’t get alerted, while I get them just fine. She is getting alerts from our Ring doorbell, just not from the new floodlight. What am I missing here?

Shared User for our Smart Lighting is not available at the moment, but the team is working on it. We appreciate your patience and will certainly keep you in the loop for this and any other new features :slight_smile: How are you liking your Floodlight?

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Any idea when this feature will be available?

My wife is upset that she does not get the alert since she is the one home alone when I travel.

Are you talking about the Ring Floodlight Camera? Or the Ring Floodlight built for Smart lights? Also your wife can sign in to your account, it doesn’t need to be shared.

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