Shared User Doorbell Press Notifications - Announcements Devices Alexa. Different Amazon Accounts

Feature Enhancement Proposal: Doorbell Announcements on Alexa Echo Devices for Shared Users

Dear Ring/3rd Party Integration Product Manager,

I propose an enhancement for Ring app that can significantly elevate the user experience, particularly for those managing multiple properties, second homes, businesses, grandparents homes, diverse home setups, etc.

Current Challenge:

  • Shared users, utilizing distinct Amazon accounts, face limitations in receiving doorbell press notifications on Echo devices at various sites.
  • The current setup restricts shared users from enjoying live view streams on their Alexa Echo devices when the doorbell is pressed.

Proposed Feature:
Introduce a feature that seamlessly integrates doorbell announcements with live view streams on Alexa Echo devices for shared users. This enhancement aims to provide greater flexibility and accessibility for users with diverse setups.


  • Enhanced User Flexibility: Allow users to create a Ring account with a primary email while connecting Echo devices under different email addresses.
  • Streamlined Access: Shared users should have the ability to receive full access, including live view announcements upon doorbell activation, irrespective of whether they are the primary account holder.

Target Users:
This feature is particularly beneficial for:

  • Families monitoring grandparents home
  • Families with different amazon alexa devices and accounts (ie each kid has their own echo)
  • Multi-property owners
  • Second home owners
  • Business proprietors managing various locations
  • Property managers

Why This Matters:
This enhancement will not only address a current limitation but also cater to the growing user base managing multiple locations or devices. It aligns with the evolving needs of users who expect seamless integration across their smart home devices.

Next Steps:
I recommend initiating a feasibility study to assess the technical requirements for implementing this feature. Collaborating with the development team and conducting user testing can provide valuable insights into refining the user experience.

I am confident that this feature enhancement will contribute to the continued success and innovation of the Ring app. Thank you for considering this proposal, and I look forward to witnessing the positive impact it can have on users managing diverse smart home setups.

Why can’t shared users get Alexa notifications? Why can I add my doorbell to Alexa if it’s completely useless because I’m a shared user? You do understand that people that have different amazon accounts can share a house right?
Please change this stupid decision as soon as you can.

I posted on Amazon’s forum but they said it’s Ring’s problem which I’m inclined to believe as I imagine it’s Ring that makes the skill.

I concur. currently experiencing the same issue myself. Shared user cannot get announcements on her echo, despite being the owner of the speakers (but not the ring account).

¨Please add this feature !

Same problem here, please add this feature asap.

This is so useless. Specially if you own multiple properties (ie short term rentals) and use different amazon accounts on each. I also have a second home with a different amazon account and can’t set it up because they are as shared users. THIS NEEDS TO BE CORRECTED ASAP!

I totally agree. If a husband and wife buy a ring doorbell, they should both be able to get announcements and doorbell sounds, even if they have different rooms for sleeping (or working, or whatever.) That applies to other couples, like mother and daughter, two lodgers in a shared flat, and so on.