Shared User Access to set Mode

Hello ring community,

I contacted support a few times today as I noticed that ring has removed the feature from the web and iOS app allowing a location Owner to grant Shared Users access to toggle the mode (Home, Away, Disarm) of the location. This setting was previously in Settings → Modes → Shared User Access.

The ring accounts in question have Video Doorbells and Stickup Cams only.

The feature is referenced in the following video, where “Shared User Access” can be seen.

A screenshot is here:

This feature was incredibly useful for different members of the household setup as Shared Users (for whom full owner access is not appropriate) arriving home at different times to be able to switch the Mode (Away to Home for example) depending on when the location is occupied. This would then disable interior Motion Detection and Notifications automatically as per the Mode configuration.

  • For locations where my family and I had previously enabled this option, Shared Users are still able to toggle the Mode (thankfully) and there is no way to deactivate this (I don’t want to, but not good UX).
  • For locations where this option wasn’t activated, I now have no way to activate it.
  • In both cases the setting seems to have been silently dropped from the UI but maintained on the backend.

Have ring intentionally removed the feature? If so, why and where were the user comms? And what replacement feature for setting the active Mode between a household does ring now recommend?

The shared user mode workflow was key to the way my family and I use ring. Clearly sharing the main owner credentials between a household is far less secure and I’m pretty sure this will not be the recommend approach.


I have the same issue trying to setup my wife on iOS to allow her phone to change modes.