Shared phone

Have shared the account with my husband’s phone but he does not have motion detection or doorbell. Switches are on for both. His phone is android and mine is an iPhone-does that matter? What are we missing??!!!

Hi @Debh , no - that does not matter. As long as the Ring App is downloaded on both devices you both should be receiving notifications. Can you please have your husband try uninstalling and reinstalling the Ring app?

@Debh we have the exact same problem! Maybe @Jennifer_Ring needs more details of the issue, or perhaps i am confused on her reply as to what a re-install will do differently…

The “Owner” of the account seems to be the controller of all the “settings”. Other phones who that " owner" “shares” with seem to only be able to turn on/off notifications and/or snooze them.

My wife’s (shared account iphone) seems to have no option to change the sensitvity of her motion detection. She wants “people only” mode on hers. My phone (Android acct. “owner”) allows full control and i like high sensitvity on my device ONLY.

Perhaps the question is how do you set up the ring app on two phones registered to different emails on ONE Ring Protect Basic Plan …

Can two different email addresses be account owners of one Protect Basic Plan with no 'Sharing"?

No, that is not possible. The account is associated with a single account only :frowning: