Shared acciunt

My husband shared the acciunt & I cannot see anything. It wants me to scan the doorbell. We assumed I could automatically see it.

Probably not a real answer to the actual question but we personally didn’t bother with setting up other accounts to share to. My wife just logs into the app using same credentials that I do and it works fine. Obviously wouldn’t give details to someone outwith my immediate family.

Hey @Aimee330! Shared Users can be added from the Owner account once the Ring device is successful setup in their Ring app. If this was done on your husband’s account, he will want to visit the Video Doorbell page in the Ring app, select shared users, and add you via the email of your Ring account. Here is our help center article about Shared Users for more information.

Alternatively, and as @DonaldDuck shared, you may also share owner access by authorizing multiple devices with the same credentials. This access can be confirmed and controlled afterwards via the Ring app Control Center. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: