Shared access (granting and revoking)

We have multiple ring devices around the house.

I am curious as to if a shared user who has been set up and access granted to devices, would be notified by the app if I was to subsequently toggle their permissions periodically ?

I.e I want the shared user to be able view a particular camera but for privacy there are times when I do not want them to have access to a particular camera. I however don’t want them receiving notification each time I opt for privacy.

Alternatively as the owner is there a way to turn the camera off for a period of time where I don’t want it to be active.

Hi @Dan91. Although the Shared Users won’t receive a notification that they’re access has been removed, you will have to go through the process of adding them as a Shared User again. This means they will have to accept the invitation via their email to receive access once again.

You might also be able to solve this with Modes for Cameras. When in a specific Mode, you can determine if a Camera records or has the ability to Live View. You can learn more about Modes here. I hope this is helpful.