Share Thermostat with Shared Users

Ability to share thermostat to other shared users

Hey neighbor! Just wondering, what kind of thermostat do you have that you wish to have a shared user on? Thank you in advance!

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We just moved from Vivint over to Ring. We like it so far, but we can’t seem to both have access to both our thermostats. I as account owner have access. But my wife as a shared user does not. I’d like to have that implemented. Thanks!

I can see the full integration of the Honeywell T9 on my Ring app as the owner but my husband can’t see the thermostat at all as a shared user. Is there any way to have this integration made available for shared users?

Do they have a Honeywell account? Are they logged into the app on their phone? What happens when they try to add it in the Ring app?