Share Smart Lighting and Light Groups

Please allow sharing of light groups with other users! I have a Floodlight Wired and I am the only one who can control it because it’s required to be in a group and devices in a group can’t have access shared. What if I’m not home or am unavailable and someone needs to turn the light on/off? Please add this function. I got the Floodlight Wired because I have other Ring devices, but I think there are better z-wave controlled options I will consider.


My All stick camera does not working anymore after a few days

I completely agree. It is ridiculous that this isn’t already a feature. There are two adults here that require access to all the devices and settings ESPECIALLY LIGHTS, which seems to be the biggest issue. If I turn something on, my partner has no way of turning the light off.

There should be multiple master accounts or at the very least, smart lights need to be added to shared users access like the cameras and doorbell.


Made an account just to suggest this, it’s crazy that it doesn’t already exist. I can allowed shared users access to mode settings, why not give me the option to share motion settings or smart alerts? The alternative is the rest of the family complaining they don’t have full access and all sharing 1 account, which is annoying from a 2fa perspective and just bad security practice. To echo the previous posters, treat adults like adults and let us choose.


yes give shared users all control please.

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Competely agree - Only allowing one person to enable and disable the camera is very constraining when multiple people live in the same house. … I need 3 people to be able to change settings.

The solution, provided to me by Ring support was to share my ID and password and let the family log in with that … that is a kludge and also means that I can not set 2FA on the account as the family will not have access to the code other than me forwarding it …

Support tell me that "Ring designed that a shared user won’t be able to make changes for security purposes. " … but also, as I said, recommend sharing the owner userid and password to get around it.

Makes me sad that a company pushing security systems should consider recommending an insecure solution because they did not consider the real customer needs before releasing the product.

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How Ring hasn’t done this yet is beyond me. The app is far behind ADT, which surprised me when I switched over. :frowning:


Completely agree. This is a deal breaker for me. I’ve recently moved into a rental home with no alarm so was thinking I’d go with a Ring set up as the kit and app seemed nicely put together.

So I bought one internal camera just to get a feel for it before investing more heavily in a full home security set up, external cameras etcetera.

I was very dissapointed to discover that when I shared the device with my wife she had no ability to enable or disable it. Merely see the captured video. Reading around, the method to get past this is to share your login but that’s a cludge and won’t work (or will be difficult to work) with two factor authentication enabled; which I’m unwilling to turn off for what is supposed to be our home security system. I really can’t have a situation where my wife is trying to deal with a security issue or an alarm going off but can’t because she needs a 2fa code and I’m unable to answer my phone.

If this is really the situation then I’m afraid I’m consigning the camera to the ‘fun trinkets’ draw and restarting the research for a smart home security system.

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I, too, am baffled that smart lights are the only Ring thing I can’t share with the other people in this household. If it’s a security precaution, how come other devices (which require much more security-consciousness than lights) can be shared? And, I guess I’m just gonna share my account with the people in my house, which is not secure. Please fix this.

Or at the very least, have the app say “You can’t share lights” instead of saying “you can’t share things in a group” and make the user discover that there is no way to ungroup lights.

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Instead of using Alexa routines to turn on a TP Link Kasa K19 over my front door. I thought it was a good idea to get a ring A19 instead. Oops, now my family can’t control the light. Sure, its set to trigger off motion, but if they want to turn the light on and have it remain on (so someone can see the house number), they can’t. I realize flipping the switch by the front door off, then on again might work, my point is that I should be able to share lights with other users without buying other brands or telling them to use the analog switch, even though it’s a “smart” lightbulb.

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Shared users should be able to give whatever access the main user gives them. This means full access to the camera features and the ability to turn on/off lights. This access should not be limited by the capability of the app. This needs to be fixed so FULL control can be given to shared users if the owner desires!

This needs to happen NOW!

The fact this hasn’t happened yet is ridiculous. Seems like an easy fix, what’s the hold up Ring?

Any news on this feature yet? We need User Access Controls now. Please allow us to assign permissions to our devices. More than one needs/should have controls on our home.

Rather than install a new electrical switch in my home, I got some smart bulbs. Unfortunately the product packaging doesn’t mention shared users will not have access the bulbs. The bulbs have to be added to a group during setup, and shared users cannot access grouped lights.

Kind of odd to not anticipate that more than one person would want to turn a light on an off. Will this problem be fixed in the future?

I agree. This does seem odd. Since in my case, and I assume many others, the shared users are members of my house. I want them to be able to easily turn lights on and off with the app.

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I totally agree, this needs to be an option so I can give access to shared users to turn on / off lights with their user id. No mention in any of the documents before purchase that this is not a feature?

Multiple family members need to ability to turn on lights (not lighted cameras) when coming home. Please add this in a future update ASAP. The typical Dad, Mom and kids depicted in your commercials and videos is not typical. Multiples from the same household need to be able to use the ring app, share the spotlights, step lights, etc. currently the Ring app does not allow it.

I agree. There needs to be multiple owners or shared users need access to bridge. It is silly that my partner cannot turn on or off lights without logging out of their account and logging into mine. We have separate accounts for a reason.


Yes, please! I bought some smart lights assuming this would work as all the other devices do, only to find out shared users are unable to see or make personal settings on them. For me, I want my floodlight camera to turn on and start recording when my smart light senses motion. This overall process works well, but the light is in a high traffic area during the day so I setup a motion schedule. The motion schedule works great on my app, but not for the shared users. Shared users were getting bombarded with motion alerts and had no way to supress the alerts or setup motion schedules for themselves.