Share security cameras - no options when click link in invite

I shared my security cam system with my partner. He has registered an account and verified it, including two-fctor authentication. He has received the invite email and it says to click the link to accept or decline the invite. When he clicks the link it takes him to the Shared User’s screen and there are no systems listed, so no option to accept or decline. We have waited a day and still nothing shows - it says it should show within 15 minutes.

Hi @SmilerSW. There are a few things that you can try. First, delete the initial invitation and resend it. When your Shared User checks the email, try opening it from a few different devices/browsers, as it might be getting blocked from one browser and not the other. This Help Center article here has some good information on adding a Shared User.

If you are still having issues with this, try reaching out to our support team for the next best steps. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.