Share Chime and Chime Pro with Shared Users

I assumed this would be an option already, but apparently it’s not. I would like to be able to share our chime pro with my wife so while I’m at work she can snooze motion alerts herself.

Bumping this.

It’s extremely frustrating that the chimes cannot be shared. I need to be able to let my partner snooze the chime when I might be out/away/unavailable.

Why does this functionality still not exist yet?

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Please add ability for shared user to snooze ring chime pro. This is really frustrating that only one person in the house has the ability to snooze the chime - say if multiple people are entering and exiting for a short time. Please add this feature! Every protect in ring should be able to be shared.

Hi @zensamuel,

if you haven’t figured out a solution by now, you can sign into your household members’ Ring apps with the primary login credentials to allow the to snoozing of the Chime. Everyone can use the app simultaneously. The only thing to note is that each person’s video viewing history will all be contributed and will affect the History section.

Hope this helps!


Hello all:

I have multiple chimes, full security system with 35 sensors and 4 cameras. So, I have a lot of money in this stuff. After a month of installing and testing, I am amazed at some features and products but left unhappy with a few.

The chimes -

  1. Only the owner can control them, mute them, etc. Shared users can not.

  2. Muting a device does not mute the chimes, you have to do this independantly for all chimes.

  3. The security system does not use the chimes at all, no countdown, not alerting, etc.

Please make it possible to share access to chimes

I want this too. I’ll write you a user story for it product team!

As a…shared user
I want…to be able to snooze our chime myself
So that…I can let my baby nap in peace
And…not hassle my husband each time I need it to be snoozed!

Acceptance criteria

Both primary or shared, can change the snooze settings for the chime

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Bumping this!
PLEASE allow access to the chimes for shared users!

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My wife, son and I use the Ring app for our doorbell. We have chimes too. I’m the only one that can access the chimes snooze. We have a crazy dog that goes nuts when the chimes go off. I silence them a lot. But I’m the only one that can.

We have a baby and being able to snooze the chime from multiple devices would really be helpful! Disappointed that is isn’t already an option.

I have a partner who works nights and needs to be able to mute the chimes. I am not always around so they end up being unplugged. This is counter productive and there is no tangible reason why chime control can’t be delegated to other users, or at the very least the ability to snooze them

Hi, it would be great to enable Chimes snoozing also for Shares Users, so that e.g. anyone in the family can mute the Chimes when needed.

Is there a way to mute chimes on the shared account? It is stating I have to transfer the device but I would like us both to have access to mute and unmute chimes. Thanks

Several years later… this is still not a possibility.

Sharing account info is NOT a solution - in fact, we’re told NOT to share account info. (Plus, I have other devices shared w/ me that the other person should not have access to).

The chime devices need to be able to be shared in some way. It is not acceptable to have to contact a single person to mute the chime device in a home.

Is there a more-appropriate way to up-vote a feature request?
If this is something that’s “in the works”, is there any way to get an ETA?


I do not want to bother my husband, every time I need to turn it down, or off. you should be able to share it, like all the other chime devices.,

This is crazy that you can’t share chimes

Please please can you fix this one

Pretty fundamental

(As is time scheduling of snooze)

I want to give a shared user acces to a chime. This is that, for example, my wife can snooze the chime while our baby is napping. Currently she can access our doorbell, but not the chime that is connected to it.

This is crazy. Enable muting of chimes for users. Pleaseeeee. It makes no sense

We need this shared chime functionality as well. This is a huge oversight for the Ring ecosystem. Should’ve been fixed years ago

I agree; this would be a great feature to add.