Shame, decline of company

To start off, I own the Ring Doorbell Pro 1, Doorbell Pro 2, the 2022 Floodlight Cam wired Pro, the Spotlight Cam Wired (2nd Gen), a 2022/23 Floodlight Cam wired Plus, and 3 Stick Up Cam Plug-in 3rd Gen). I also pay the month Ring Protect Plan. So, customer, with a bit of money invested in their products.

When I bought the Doorbell Pro 1 (my first device) I thought the video quality was decent (1080p) but looked forward to the company making progress into 4k. This is security, I want to be able to zoom in and see someone’s face or a license plate, not minecraft level graphics. I understand this doesn’t work for everyone in terms of budget and Ring has clearly shown they have no interest in consolidating their product line (with like 10+ doorbell models, and another 30+ camera models from different years, battery, plug in, hard wired, plus, pro, jedi, etc… SMH).

When they came out and Amazon bought Ring, they were proud of Ring and showcased them to lure customers into Black Friday and Prime Day sales/spending. Not so much anymore. Complacency at Ring’s upper management has led to roll out of the same old tired product, one after another, with useless upgrades/changes. Mgmt would do well to watch YouTube reviews, where other brands are now being consistently preferred over Ring. Amazon no longer showcases them, instead pushing 3 or 4 other companies just as much.

In my opinion Ring squandered their headstart in the market. Make 4k cameras for people who want them and are willing to pay, continue to make budget friendly options for customers who want a cheaper option.

The 3rd gen stick up cam’s btw are complete junk (as is Bird’s Eye view in general). Either Ring management is out of ideas and needs to be replaced with new blood or is just riding into the sunset happy with whatever little bit of market share they can maintain. I’ll tell you though, for longtime users invested in the Ring product line with several units, what a disappointment.

i credit Amazon’s purchase of Ring for this company’s sad decline. They used to be sharp!