Shady Ring

Both Ring Floodlight cams do not work properly and Ring has dragged on the support for this entire week with no fix. Also none of the suggestions they have offered have helped. Also it’s pretty awful you have people buy the battery operated pathlights only to come out with the solar power ones a year later. Thanks for screwing me over and the eight pathlights I bought. Why didn’t you just make the solar ones in the first place. I am really upset. Your problem is that you have all these devices and none work properly and they are suppose to be reliable. I got an idea stop coming out with all these new devices and fix the ones you have sold to people. Quality is going down fast and probably because Ring is on to the next device. Offering preorders then not even a year later offer an upgraded device for $5 more yet can’t let me pay the difference and get the new solar ones is a terrible way to treat your customers. If you can’t help with the pathlights then I want my flood lights fixed ASAP. This is ridiculous. Keep coming out with more devices while quality goes way downhill.

Hey @DrMarioPepper - thanks for your feedback. Did you have a problem with your devices ? We’re here to help with your Floodlights. Also, confirming you’re talking about the Smart Lighting Floodlight vs the Floodlight Cam? Just confirming since you posted in the General Questions board. Thanks!