Setup of new devices is borken!

Hi Ring team, it seems that your setup for new Smart Lighting devices is completely broken for users that have Ring Bridge and an Echo Show 10, it always fails on the step to connect to bridge.

I’ve spent literally hours with support on the phone trying to figure it out and received already a multiple device replacements but nothing helps, the setup is broken.

Please give it a high priority to identify the issue and provide a fix/workaround!

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Can someone pay attention to this post?

Hi @ap7. What type of phone are you using for the setup? If possible, try setting up from a different phone or an iPad. There may also be some type of wireless interference that is prohibiting you from completing setup. Try turning off any bluetooth devices or wireless printers while attempting setup. Also, in your phone settings, make sure Ring has permissions enabled and that your Smart Network Switch/Wifi Assist is turned off. I hope this helps.

nothing helps, I’ve tried from multiple phones and tablets, toggled off wifi assist, there is no interference from bluetooth or wireless devices.
The setup is plain and simple broken for users that linked their Ring account to Amazon and have Echo Show 10. You’re welcome to reproduce it yourself, I’m sure you guys can setup such a test environment. Unfortunately, unlinking the Amazon account from Ring is not possible as it fails with an error (!) and I can’t revert using my Ring Bridge only, seems like the default now is Echo Show 10 if the accounts are linked.
The setup process reaches the step that says:
“Connecting your Steplight to your Echo Show 10…” and then it’s spinning for a while and throws an error that it couldn’t connect to a bridge.
While meantime, the Echo Show does register the device from its end but it’s in unaccessible status.
One thing that I don’t understand, as the protocol for the communication between the Ring Smart Lights and Amazon Echo Show 10 is the Amazon Sidewalk, which will be available only starting June 8th, so how would the setup and connection possibly work at all until then?
And meanwhile, if one has Echo Show 10 then it’s impossible to use an existing Ring Bridge for new devices. Seems like a disaster rollout of the Echo Show 10 as a bridge for Ring devices that completely broke the setup of new devices.
What a mess, frankly unbelieavable and disappointing as something from a home security company.
Also very disappointing that instead of getting a high level of tech support, all I keep getting is advise to toggle off wifi assist and try another phone, some of your users are advanced users and after spending hours with support over the phone toggling wifi assist and bluetooth and would be nice to receive an escalation to an advanced tech support that actually can investigate and resolve.

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Hi @ap7. Thank you for providing this update. I’d like to be able to turn this experience around for you and get this resolved. I will be reaching out to you in a private message within the community shortly so please make sure to respond to me there. Thank you for your patience and being a valued neighbor.