Setting Up Ring with eeros MESH WIFI

Hello, I am new to Ring and I am planning to purchase the eeros brand wifi MESH product fo rmy house. I have been reading online chats about difficult connecting RING products with the eeros MESH Wifi product. Any feedback on this? Is this possibly an old issue that has been resolved?



Good question @Dreams4Two! Eero is phenomenal in it’s range of connection, and communicating with our devices. Something to always consider with any mesh network, is how much space you need to cover, and where you will place access points if there are multiple.

For a standard area, you may not need any additional access points beyond the main hub, and if so one other extended access point, or beacon, will likely be sufficient. For a larger area where multiple access points are needed, please place these strategically for coverage, and so they do not interfere with one another (too close). The Eero is great especially for owning multiple Ring devices! :slight_smile: