Setting up my new ring doorbell with very old chime

Hi guys I’m new on here. I purchased a new wired ring doorbell But my council flat has a very old wired doorbell and chime(see images). I was wondering if anyone knows if I gotta buy a plug in ring chime and I think I need some sort of pack to install the proper voltage unit.
I think I will need the plug in chime for a socket near my front door but what about wiring it up? I would appreciate if anyone from Scotland had this same problem? I think I need something else to wire it up correctly with the correct voltage and that. Thanks guys. I have just found out new users can only upload one image so I am sorry if doesn’t help. Pardon my door frame I’m In the middle of decorating thanks.

Hi @Kowski1982. If you are using the Doorbell Wired, you’ll have to install the Jumper Cable to bypass your internal chime kit. The Doorbell Wired will not work with any internal chime kit. You can use a Chime or Chime Pro to wirelessly get notifications from your Doorbell Wired. I hope this information helps!