Setting up Flood Light Cam with Chime Pro

Is there any way to test the wifi connection to a chime pro prior to installing the light? Testing download and upload speeds on my phone with cellular data turned off reveals there is an inadequate connection directly to my router but will the flood light cam recognize the chime pro network as a different signal (a signal that my phone doesn’t see) than the one from my router?

Hey there, @AFDoc. If you go into your Ring app and then select Set Up a Device, you can set up the Chime Pro, put it where you want it to be, and see what the RSSI for the Chime Pro is. From there, you can read our Community post about RSSI here. This will then enable you to figure out if the Chime Pro is in a good placement and has a stable connection.

Just set up your Floodlight Cam after that and it will automatically prompt you to connect to the Chime Pro. Voila - you’re all done! :smiley_cat: