Setting up Chime Pro 2nd Gen. but I cannot select location...

I am setting up my Chine Pro 2nd Gen.
I was actually able to set it up.
I got it to connect to my network. I was able to change the chime sounds, control the night light, etc.
But I realized it was set up in a New Location. But that’s because it didn’t give me any other option.

I tried to install/set up again. But again, when I get to the location part of setup, it is not showing my list of locations to choose from- it only let’s me Set Up a New Location. I want this Chime to be set up with one that exists.
Can anyone help on why I can’t choose one that exists already?

Thank you!

Hi @ShaunTwaz. Thank you for attaching that screenshot as well as providing details on what you’re seeing on your end. Are you signed in to the same Ring account that your other devices are set up under? Also, are you a Shared User on the existing location in your Ring App? If you’re a Shared User, you won’t be able to set any devices up under that location, as the Owner would have to do so.