Setting alarms - 2 questions

Actually don’t know which tag to use.
I have 2 questions on setting alarm states.

  1. On my phone (owner), Ihave 3 icons at the top of my Ring app Dashboard - Disarmed, Home, Away. Quite handy. On my wife’s phone, those icons aren’t present. Any way to get them on her Dashboard page?
  2. Geofence doesn’t work. I think I have it set correctly, but I get no notifications when leaving/returning home. Any ideas?

Hi @requiredusername. Have you provided your wife with access to the Ring Alarm system? (Shared User Information)
Is your wife on the correct Location? (Location information)
Geofence information can be found here. Also, be sure that your Ring app is up to date and that permissions on your phone are active and allowed. Let me know if this information is helpful!

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Yes, wife has access
yes, wife has the correct location.
Geofence. One difference. On all the screens referenced in your link, NONE have a continue button, none have Finish and save. Yes, Permissions are set to always.

Hi @requiredusername. Thanks for this information. What type of phone does your wife have and what version of the Ring app is installed? Can you share a screenshot of what she sees on her Dashboard? Also, in the Ring app, if you go the-
Hamburger Menu > Settings > Shared Access > Tap your Wife-
do you see the Alarm Base Station toggled on?

Additionally, when you are leaving your home, is your phone plugged into your car? For example, are you using Apple Car Play? If so, try unplugging the phone and see if your alerts come in. Do either of you have an active VPN? Let me know this information and we’ll see if we can get to the bottom of this. Thanks, neighbor.

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Base Station was on. Toggled it. Now the icons appear on her Dashboard. THANKS!
Phones are not physically plugged in. Mine connects automatically to my Prius and I can get phone calls, SMS. Get no notifications from Ring Cameras, Ring sensors, Microsoft Family safety. FWIW, her phone is NOT connected to the car and she gets no Ring notifications.

Hi @requiredusername. Glad to hear that progress has been made. Let’s try disabling the Geofence, reboot your phone, then reenable it and confirm the settings. Let me know if this works.

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Give me a couple of days

Appears the problem is with one of my vehicles. When i vehicle ‘A,’ Geofence notifications don’t get to my phone (android) or my wife’s (iphone). In vehicle ‘B,’ Geofence notifications work fine.

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Hi @requiredusername, stepping in for Tom here. There might be a setting with one of the vehicles that suppresses certain types of notifications from your phone while it’s connected for safety reasons. I’m not sure what type of vehicle it is or what settings are available when it is connected to your phone, but it’s worth reviewing those options.