Setting Alarm Using Keypad

So we can set our alarm at night in the “STAY” mode. But when we tried to set the alarm for away mode, the alarm triggers as soon as I press “AWAY”. I thought we had a minute to leave the house and I configured it so.

What am I doing wrong ?

You need to make sure your contact sensor to exit is set to be main door. Also, you need to set any motion detector to entryway. Then make sure to set the delay in the settings as well.

How do I set the contact sensor, on the door we use most, to be the “Main door” ?

What do you mean about the motion detectors ?

Finally, how do I set the delay ?

Good questions @madman! You can adjust the configuration of your sensors in the Ring app. This will help with proper entry/ exit delays when armed. For instance, a Contact Sensor configured as a “window” will alarm immediately, versus “main door” which would follow the delay you set.

Here’s how to change your Alarm device configurations:

  • In the Ring app dashboard tap Menu (top left).
  • In the main menu, select “Devices”.
  • Select Alarm Base Station from your devices list.
  • Select the device you want to configure (Contact Sensor/ Motion detector).
  • Tap settings cog in top right hand corner.
  • Choose “Placement” and select the placement options based on your intended use.

To adjust your entry/ exit delays, open the same “main menu” from the Ring app dashboard, select “Settings”, then select “Modes”. This is where you can adjust your options for each Alarm mode. Check out our help center article about preventing false alarms for more tips and tricks on utilizing the Alarm system most effectively. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: