Set Volume on an Automatic Schedule in Audio Settings for Base Station and Keypad

Depending on the time of day or whether my child is sleeping or awake, I must currently *manually* raise or lower the Set Volume slider for *each* alarm device individually.

NOTE: These new featured request settings WILL NOT impact the Ring Alarm siren, which always sounds at full volume when armed. This will ONLY impact the customer’s volume preference for the optional motion-triggered audio chimes that are presented within the app for devices such as the Ring Keypad and Ring Base Station.

It would be convenient if the Ring app:

1: Recognized Local Time and Dates for scheduling purposes

2: Defined volume notches/slots on the slider that corresponded to fixed incremental stops that raised or lowered volume

3: Enabled weekly scheduling by selectable scroll wheel dates and times for a user-chosen volume slot

4: Defined Start and End Times for weekly scheduling of volume changes

5: Enabled checkbox-toggle box to select which Ring devices would adhere to, be included in or excluded from, the volume schedule

For example: With one “enable/disable” slider, I could turn on or off the scheduling of my Keypad and Base Station to adhere to my defined schedule of setting (lowering) their set volume to Level 3 at “night” Mondays through Thursdays at 8 PM, and then to set (raise) the volume on both devices to Level 6 in the “morning” on the same days at 7 AM.

It seems logical and straightforward, and yet I currently have to do this multiple times manually every day for each Ring device. This feels like a “really!?” in 2020. Thanks for the consideration!

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I agree 100%. People work all kinds of hours, dogs need to be let out in the middle of the night…

At least create an Alexa routine for this please