Set the default tabs under Event History in Ring app

It used to be the case that when one tapped on the option Event History (or History before the current app update), that the listed history showed various events as tracked by the Ring doorbel camera. Currently, when one taps on the option Event History, three tabs are displayed: Cameras, Alarm, Lights with the default tab being Lights. That default is really inconvenient, since the only device which I use is a Ring doorbell camera. It would be very helpful, if there were an user option to specify the default tab under Event History.

I have the same issue. Event history defaults to lights. I have to manually select camera everytime. I don’t have any lights. Never have. This is such a silly issue. I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app, but that didn’t help.


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Are you, by any chance, referring to the same problem that is described in the following thread/post?

Dashboard Shortcut (Tile) Problem

If so, I can understand why you are annoyed.

In any case, it might be helpful if you indicate which version of the Ring app you are using – including both the operating system and Ring app version number.

It might also be helpful if you:

  • Move your post to the above-mentioned thread and/or
  • Add a post to the above-mentioned thread

First day with ring doorbell and ring app and this is my first annoyance as well.

When I click on events, I do not want to be directed to the third tab (lights). I do not even own a ring light yet. And this is not the same issue that the moderator pointed out.

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This is a valid issue. Why can we not set a default on this feature? This is beyond annoying.

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Can’t set events default product.

Does anyone even have smart lighting? The overwhelming ring product is the doorbell. Obviously it should be the default. If you can’t get this right, what else are you getting wrong?

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Another vote for being able to view alarm event history in one click. The default to camera when I have no cameras is 100% waste of my time.

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also they need to add the ability to sort on person detected. a basic feature Google Nest has yet Ring opts to be so difficult.

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I don’t see a fix for this issue. Suddenly my Ring app started defaulting to Smart Lighting like everyone else, don’t have that never have. This is a pain and I dont understand why there is not an obvious fix or correction? When will it be corrected?

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I spent over an hour on the phone with Ring Support about this issue. I did discover that it ONLY happens on my Android (S21-Ultra) and not my iPhone or iPad (both default to cameras.) Also, the support rep does not have this issue and she had the exact same phone, mobile carrier and ISP. Uninstalled and reinstalled the app made no change – final result was to forward info to app developers for review. A customizable “default view” would be ideal.

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This a must have. Completely insane it takes so many click to view alarm history