Seperate areas with two key pads. How to handle the input delay

i have following setting at a german location
1 base station
1 key pad
some door contacts

1 key pad
1 door contact

Current situation:
If i enter the flat door, the input delays gets activated. Both key pads play the input delay sound.

What i want to achieve:
I want to serpate the sound notification for the input delays. So if I enter my flat only the keypad in my flat should play the input delay notification.
If i enter my basement, only the keypad in the basement should play the notification.

So how is this possible?

Hi @Scanda. At this time, there isn’t a way to separate the Entry to only play on a specific Keypad based on which Sensor is triggered. Your post is already in the Feature Request board, which is the board we use to gather and share feedback with our teams here. Other neighbors can comment and vote on this suggestion if they’re also interested in having a feature like this.