Separate volume for Ring Alarm chirps and delays

I would like for spoken alert volume to be controlled independently of other chirp tones. The reason is that I want some spoken alerts to be as loud as possible (e.g. flood sensor trigger). I also appreciate the chirps from doors opening during the day, but don’t want those to be too loud. Today, if I turn up the volume on the base station (to get loud spoken alerts) that also causes the door chimes to be loud.

In addition, I want volumes for the Chirp Tones (of the sensors) and the count down tone (at arm or before disarm) on the keypad are independently controlled. Currently, the chirp tones sound louder than the count down tone. It’s hard to hear the count down tone to disarm the alarm when you get home.
Another thing that doesn’t make sense is the voice at the end of count down when you arm the alarm. The voice confirms what alarm mode you selected (ie. Home or Away). This voice should confirm the mode right after you arm the alarm. In the case you arm away, who is going to stay to the end to hear what mode you have armed?!!!

If you accidently trip a delay sensor, the volume is way too quiet to effective let you know that the alarm is about to sound. I’ve tried turning up the volume to maximum on my keypad and base station but the entry delay warning is still too quiet and then the chirps are way too loud.

It would be very beneficial if these were adjustable independently. In addition, they’re really should be different options in terms of what sounds are available for both the chirps and entry delays. Finally, the volume for the entry delay needs to be significantly louder.

Please don’t tell me to but another keypad to make up for a deficiency in the product. 20 feet away from the base station, the delay can barely be heard at max volume.

There is currently only one slider to control audio for the base station and keypad, and it controls both the door chime and entry delay audio levels. There should be separate audio sliders so that the entry delay sound can be set at a higher volume (more urgent) and door chimes can be set at a lower volume (less urgent). This seems like it would be a simple thing to code into the app.

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