Separate settings per Motion Zone including recording and notifications

This request is four years old with many hundreds of people begging for it - come on, Ring! :frowning_face:

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How do we even know if anyone at Ring has looked at this feature request? It’s been almost 4 years since this was first requested. It would really be nice if someone that actually works in product development at Ring would respond with a status update on this request.

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I, too, am really amazed and disappointed that no one from Ring has even commented on this necessary and obviously requested feature update. Can Ring ignore us forever?

I’m really shocked that alerts/settings per zone still has yet to be provided. Looking out our driveway I want to record the street as well in case of theft or other. But I want a specific notifications when someone is on our driveway vs on the property. I also want to be able to filter for motion events for a specific zone. For instance, when did I mow the lawn last in the zone for my grass?

I wonder how many users have to post a topic before RING takes the item seriously.
Is it really no longer the case in 2024 that if you can install multiple zones, you cannot set them separately from each other?
What is the purpose of the different motion zones?
The volume control for the doorbell and the motion detection cannot be set separately either.
What’s the meaning of this?
I don’t see any serious answers from RING either.
Yes, it will be processed.
In this life?
How many complaints / questions / notifications do you need more ?
Now I’m curious whether there will be a serious response!!!
Thank you in advance.
Yours sincerely

Why hasn’t this functionality been delivered yet? It would be so useful.

I was setting up my new outdoor stick up camera and was wondering about configuring settings for different zones. Looks like I got my answer here. So odd that you’re allowed to create different zones but you can’t configure them differently. Sounds like a half-baked feature.
+1 for adding this ability.