Separate settings per Motion Zone including recording and notifications

Having the option to turn off notifications in the different modes, while keeping on “Motion detection” and “Live View”.

There should be schedules for zones. For me at night due to the light of cars every car that passes sets off my camera so I have to change the zone so that it doesn’t cover as far down closer to the street. Then in the morning I change it back so it covers to the edge of the driveway. Would be nice if this was automated

The Ring2 Pro is a solid device and I like the smart motion feature with zones because is rather accurate. I can cut a nice line at the edge of my lawn to pretty much eliminate useless alerts.

That said, the time is past due for a major upgrade to the essential detection features and app logic. Following ideas are by no means entirely original or complete, but serve to summarize a huge capability gap in the present product IMHO.

Example use case is Ring2 pro mounted to wall adjacent to front door with three zone viewing area: walkway, lawn, porch area.

Problem is that I cannot configure different behaviors for each zone based on distance or perceived activity.

— New functional requirements for motion detection —

  1. Allow zones to be assigned distance or organized by distance, giving context to user alert message constructs (e.g. approaching the Porch)

  2. Naming of objects and zones with person/vehicle/animal/foliage/object specific noun along with a user-named zone:

(e.g. person on Lawn, which is odd)

  1. Limited object tracking for persons must be possible (arrived, standing, crossing/ approaching / departing) within the initial video capture seconds.

e.g. person Crossing the Lawn

Better yet… person on sidewalk with animal stopped briefly on lawn

3.b. Specific vehicular object tracking cases as mentioned by others. E.g. vehicle now parked adjacent to lawn is useful to me. Neighborhood traffic not so much, unless it is 2:00 am and someone hops out of a car and my driveway light pops on.

  1. Full context of activity should be determined, to the extent possible, prior to notification message construction with just a few seconds of video analysis and zone crossing detection.

Eg. “person has arrived at the Porch” would be a great message depending on their actual maneuver.

I’d rather have Ring watch someone park and walk on the sidewalk up to the porch and not press the bell, afterwards deliver a concise message delayed by a few seconds.

Present function provides the generic “front door motion detection” that encompasses my entire yard if no bell activation. Obviously the bell itself starts a totally different chain of events.

  1. Limited interpretation of activity and verb assignment is possible within software framework (waiting, walking, working/playing, snooping of persons, rhythmic motion of foilage) based on duration and scope of motion within zones and capture period if maneuver to door is incomplete. This informs more intelligent follow up notification behavior options.

E.g. There must be an internal data structure floating around to be useful….

object:= person; activity:= waiting; zonename:= walkway; duration:= 5s; previouszone:=none;

  1. Follow-up alerts configurable from interpreted activity (smarter follow-up, alert auto-silence, or escalation of alert type). These ought to be within scope of Ring app and average user.

E.g. I do not want an alert every minute while moving the lawn. Or, on speaker “your activity is being recorded on camera”, etc. This is far better than the few canned flows currently available.

  1. These Intelligent Spoken response configurations must be made available to users from interpreted activity ( smarter greetings, trespass warnings) on the Ring app.

  2. Bell press is possible in one zone only. Presence or absence of such improves automated response options. Similar to recently introduced package delivery detection.

E.g. “hello, the homeowner has been informed there is someone waiting at the door”.

This if no bell press and such option enabled in “smart” settings. Just a simple enable slider on the app in automated response section please.

  1. Introduce configurable Zone constraints: person allowed yes/no, vehicle yes/no, motion yes/no, with optional timetable to improve smart alerts and smart home system , especially security warnings for the homeowner.

Eg. side gate area, front window area, trespass area. Violations of constraints are pushed to smart home device I.e. Alexa.

The zone specific config would be implemented on the app and is not far from the present app design. Limited response flows should also be on the app, but full potential made available to smart home appliances and Ring Hub / smart lighting systems.

Present system is useful to illuminate areas in cascading fashion, but there is no hint that anyone at home might be paying attention or notice an aberration. I care more about people lurking about and not when the cat hops over my fence.

  1. Entry door movement opening/closing/isOpen/isClosed detection zone can be configured and or trained. These context flags have several use case options related to activity interpretation that are further improved by push to Alexa.

E.g. Alexa should know difference between arrive to porch, open door and open door, depart porch. This is a simple visual detection with no additional hardware for Ring cam mounted at doorbell position.

  1. Plain old sensor light activation-detection within zone to initiate activity routines and pushed to smart home system to leverage cheap existing infrastructure. This simple detection is possible in any ring cam between consecutive frames and scalable to motion zones.

E.g. the dutiful driveway sensor does far better than the camera at night at my home but connects to nothing.

  1. Messages to owner smartly derived from chronological sequence of nouns and verbs gleaned above.

E.g. driveway motion light activated by person approaching the porch

  1. Can we train a few faces or at least some phone MAC ids? I’m the app owner, my wife has the app, we always tote the phones around. A video message memorializing fumbling for keys is not needed for me, though unknown person trying the door at 1am who happens to have a phone would be a great identification record and potential improvement for neighborhood feature. Of course they should be informed of biometric capture. This would not affect visitors that do not trigger security features by acting normal, or when operating in minimum security mode…

  2. Export of component observations on activity to smart home device (Alexa) for configurable routines if these are beyond ring app.

A. When person standing at front door and door isopen=false, announce “there is someone waiting at the door”. (This is a simple example of potentially important user designed routines or IFTTT sequences)

B. When front door isOpen > 10 seconds AND no motion detected > 20 seconds, announce “the front door has been left open”

C. When
motion detect in Side Gate Zone OR
Light Activation in Side Gate Zone;

       IF TIME=ANY,  play “tone 1” on all devices for 5 seconds;
       IF TIME=NIGHTTIME,  set outside light group1 to ON at 100% for 10 minutes, announce “trespasser alert” to all devices, play “trespasser warning” on Ring2,  switch to Cam1 on TV1;

C. And so on….

Thanks for reading.

R. Martin

From reading other posts, this is clearly a topic that needs more users to weigh in on this ‘obvious’ omission!

Like many, many other users, I have two zones… the default one and one covering a vehicle which is sometimes parked and sometimes not.

If I use only the default zone, when I drive off in the vehicle, the camera can then ‘see’ the main road beyond the ‘missing vehicle’ and triggers on every car, bus or truck than goes past. So … I created a 2nd zone to 'cover’the vehicle and adjusted the default.

However, I want to turn OFF the 2nd zone when I drive off. I DO NOT want to DELETE the 2nd zone because I want to reactivate it when I get back home … and NO, I do not want to have to re-draw that zone every time I get back home from the shops !

There seriously needs to be an option to select an INDIVIDUAL ZONE and enable or disable it! This is purely a software matter with a so very easy solution.

Q1. Why is it not there from the get go ?
Q2. When will the patch be released ?
Q3. How interested is Ring in cultivating an appreciative customer base and in providing a responsive service ?

The clock is ticking folks …

Allow rich notifications for more than one camera motion zone.

I have alert notifications and recording set for when someone comes onto my drive, however my drive overlooks the street and we have had many cars broken into so I would like to set an additional zone for this with recording (persons only) and no notification. Currently this is not possible, please can you add this much needed feature.

I have several wired Ring cameras on property and it would be advantageous to be able to set different zone areas for alerts/recordings during day and night.
For example; narrower view by day and broader view by night.

I have 2 vehicles parked in line of site of my device, one of the vehicles is across the street. I would like to be able to schedule distance so that I can capture motion from say 9 pm to 6 am so that I don’t drain my battery for vehicles driving by all day.

I’d still want activity captured within close proximity to my house during the day. One option would be to schedule to capture periods, each with their own distance.

As it stands, I’m recharging my device every few months. 99.9% of activity are cars driving by all day long.


I have a similar request to select a specific Ring Motion Zone to record at a scheduled time of day (ex expecting delivery or pickup) OR when a certain condition is met (like when motion detected on another camera). Thanks!

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I see that Ring lets you create different zones for each camera…that is great. But, I am trying to set up a schedule for each zone, and I can’t seem to find a way to do that. It seems that the schedule applies to all zones. I have one zone set up for just my yard. So, I want recording and notification of that any time it occurs. Then, I have another zone set up for the whole neighborhood that is within view, including the sidewalks. People walk up and down the sidewalks all day, so I do not want notifications all day long for this. But, it would be very unusual for someone to be walking down the sidewalk at 3 a.m., so I would want a separate schedule recording and notification for someone in the broader camera view in the middle of the night. I called Ring customer service and they tell me that this is unavailable. This seems pretty basic and important to me. Seems like something Ring would be able to offer…separate Zone schedules. Please pass this on to upper management, so they can consider this. Thank you.

I have the same request. During the daytime I wish to recording a larger area without receiving alerts (this works).

At nighttime (1am to 5am) I wish to record a smaller area but receive alerts.

I wish to use my Ring Floodlight as a real-time security solution during the night, without the multiple zones/separate settings/separate notifications, this is not possible.

My take is the cameras aren’t high quality enough to differentiate between zones. Higher end cameras with more tech and resolution can do this easily. The point of zones is to just mark Which areas you to trigger global notification, even then it’s far from perfect, it misses quite a bit even in broad day light

I’m able to draw different motion zones on my camera view, but why I am forced to set the same smart alerts for all of them (except the Package Zone)!?

Please allow motion alert settings to be set based on the named motion zones. I have a “Front Porch” zone that should record AND alert me. I have a “Street & Sidewalk” zone I want to record but not alert me.

I just want to be able to look at recordings afterwards if there’s ever an incident on my sidewalk or in the neighborhood regarding a car driving by, or vandalism out in my yard. But I don’t need phone alerts every time someone walks their dog or drives by my house!!

It is unacceptable that this feature was not considered when adding smart alerts. It seems an extremely basic expected feature for such a mature product line.

I hope you will add it very soon, perhaps by the end of the year.