Separate settings per Motion Zone including recording and notifications

I’d like the ability to set notification per zone vs whole camera. My use case is based on the new police request feature. I have two cameras that face the road. I want to be able to set a zone that records motion, but not notifies me of it. Right now if I increase my zone to cover the road, I get 100+ notifications a day as people and cars go by, so my zone is set just to the edge of my property. That way I get notified if anyone comes on to my property. However, the police have this new feature where they can request ring users to check their cams if they need assistance with crimes, abductions, etc. since I’m forced to only set my zone to edge of my property, I wouldn’t have any footage of the road if requested. I’d like to be able to set a zone on the road that records, but doesn’t notify. Then a zone that covers my property that records AND notifies. You already have multi-zone capabilities. Just move the records and notification settings to the zone setup.


Headlights from automobiles set off my motion on my ring camera in driveway. At night time, I would like to adjust the motion zone some cars driving by my house with their headlights on, won’t trip the motion sensor in the camera.

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It would be good to have the ability for the User to set the Motion zones manually instead of an arc that grows by adjusting a slider. instead place a grid on the video screen during motion zone configuring. Each block of the grid thats checked will be a motion zone…each unchecked block will not trigger motion. Reason for this is my camera can see a lot of my yard on the sides , but because the current way the motion zone are set, nothing is triggered until somone moves to the center of the view which sometimes that doesnt happen. Let us set the zone areas freely so we can get more accurate detections in areas we want to be able to monitor for motion…and at the same time keep the roads out of the detection zones by clearing the blocks on the grid that the road occupies.


It would be great to have the ability to customize the motion settings for each new motion zone you create, along with the ability to have those zones be automatically activated on a schedule. For example I have a default zone that picks up just people coming to the door. It would be great to be able to set a new “Nighttime” zone that covers a much broader area (including sidewalks, streets, etc.) and have the motion settings be set to pick up all motion, not just people. This zone could also be set on a schedule (similar to how the motion schedule is set up to snooze alerts).


If anyone can relate to the idea that some zones are more significant than others, why have you designed the zone to be an on or off only? Face it, the system would be much more intelligent if all zones could simply be on, but only bug us with notifications on the zones we pick.

No one is going to convince me to loosen up the motion detection settings for the sake of protecting myself and the neighbors, simply everything is recorded, period. Just take it, the way I use the subscription probably causes more cloud usage than everyone else, but hey I’m paying for it and not going to sacrifice recording history to get fewer notifications.


I find the Dr bell to be very selective in what ‘it’ activity is captured and events saved in the Event History, as if is ‘controlled by someone or something else’ unauthorized by me.

This is what I want as well. I want to be able to specify a zone for the street in front of my house that just records and I should be able to set retention to auto delete to help save ring cloud storage. I also want to set a different zone on my driveway and alert if it captures motion because I kind of care if someone is in that zone at 3am. I don’t care though if a car drives by.


Agreed. I want my cameras to record everything but I don’t want to be notified of everything. I only want to be notified when someone crosses into a specific zone (ie within a closer distance to my home).


This has driven me nuts for a while. Neighbor had their car messed with in front of my house, asked me about it, but I don’t have my doorbell alert me to every car, only when somebody walks into the yard. Same with my garage/alley, I don’t need a notification unless it’s my driveway, but I’d like the footage of everything in case I need to review it.

They even already have multiple zone options… just let me choose what to do with each zone. Zone 1 - notify and record, Zone 2 - record w/o notification.

I have the Doorbell Pro in the front and a pair of Floodlight Cams in the back.


Count me in also; I want to record EVERYTHING that happens in front of my cameras, but I don’t want an alert every time the neighbor walks their dog. The way my property is laid out, I can’t cover my driveway without picking up street traffic, so I have little choice but to either put up with 50 notifications a day or turn motion notifications off entirely. Neither of those is an acceptable solution.


I came to write something very similar last week but couldn’t log in.

I’d love to have priority zones. We have a Ring in our back yard and I use it to keep an eye on the kids. We also have a pool back there. I’d love to have a priority zone that will always be set off no matter what the rest of the zone is set to.

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It would be really nice if one motion zone would automatically record and alert and then a second or third motion zone would only record motion events.

This way I could set a zone in my yard that would record and alert me and then a second zone on the street would only record and wouldn’t bug me everytime a car passes by but you would still have a recording of the traffic in case police need to see the cars that went by the house.

Thanks for your consideration.


Hi there,

I requested this same functionality on 2/17/20 (second time) directly to their support e-mail) And someone by name of John W said they’d work on it, but seeing as how Ring hasn’t even bothered to provide August Lock Integration after they announced it about 2 years ago, I’d say this was just a callous way of just trying to make you feel like you are valued when you are not.

ring’s missing to is to design new products they can sell, and not so much deliver functionality requested by customers.


Need to have motion zones for Stick Up Cam HD Plugin/Solar just like the Ring Doorbell Pro.

This way I don’t have to get notified for every car that goes by my house.

Each zone should have its own record/alert settings.



I would like to suggest the possibility of setting different time schedules for separate motion zones. For example…record all motion in zone A, but only record motion in zone B during a set time period.

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I think it would be a great idea allowing you to be able to customize the motion settings for each zone you can create for one camera.

Example, on my driveway camera, I’d like to create a zone that always alerts me when there’s motion in my driveway.
Then I’d like to create a second zone that’s only monitoring the actual street and be able to turn off alerts.
That way I can always have my driveway alerting me and also have video of any motion on the actual road but it just goes to the history and doesn’t alert me being alerts are disabled for that zone.
You can make multiple zones currently but there’s really nothing else you can do but active or deactivate that zone.


I have been digging through the internet to find this feature on the Ring app and quite dissapointed to find that it’s not possible! Given that it is not continually recording, this would be extremely helpful as our car is parked on a (very busy) street so our motion zone has excluded from this. However would love to see this feature come alive IN CASE something were to happen to our car.


Definitely this. I was disapointed to learn the Stick Up Cams do not have the same level of motion zone control as the Ring Doorbells.