Senior discount, keeping seniors safe together with alexa

Hi, I contacted customer services regarding discounts for senior pricing and they asked me to put a post up in community. I would like Ring to consider pricing plans for the elderly or seniors whose ring doorbell & products mean much more than security. Some local authorities in the uk are using Alexa to help with independent living, which could be used with ring products to ensure you can keep an eye on elderly relatives. This could be a great win for Rings CSR… a chance to give back. Please vote if you think this is a good idea - much like social tariffs from phone companies.

Do you know many on-line only stores that do senior discounts? How would you prove it?
It’s much different with a brick-and-mortar store or restaurant where they can see you and reasonably determine your senior discount eligibility.

T-Mobile has Senior rate plans available online, substantially discounted from standard ones.

And yes, the above post did say online only, but Ring is available at Home Depot.

And finally, good point about Ring knowing your age. I would expect that Ring, aka Amazon, like all serious online retailers, knows your age to the actual day.

T-Mobile requires seeing a person’s driver’s license (or other legal identification) before you qualify for the Senior rate plan.