Selecting specific ring notifications

Don’t know if this is actually a Ring question or not, but since it involves Ring Protect . .
First, I get no audible tone anywhere when Ring Protect (e.g., glass breaking) alarm sends an alert except for the key pad. Nothing from the fob. Nothing from the hub. Nothing from android phones or an iphone. How do I get all these things to give me an alarm?

second, is there a way to silence some devices at night, but leave the Ring Protect devices capable of sending alerts? I have 7 outdoor cameras that are triggered EVERY night by deer, moths, cats. I don’t want to get 5-10 audible notifications every night. OTOH, I DO want to get notifications if Ring Protect detects a window/door open or detects glass breaking.

Hi @requiredusername. To clarify, do you have a Ring Protect plan? You mention not getting alerts for a “Ring Protect alarm” except on the Keypad, but it would be helpful to have more clarification on what alerts you’re referring to. Are you asking about alerts from Ring Alarm devices? For glass breaking, is this from the Glass Break Sensor?

You can control Ring Alarm alert settings in the Ring app under Settings > Alert Settings > Alarm. This allows you to manage the settings for both email and push notifications, choosing what you do and do not receive notifications for. We also have some notification troubleshooting steps here.

Notifications from Ring Alarm devices are controlled separately from Doorbells or Cameras. To not receive notifications from your Cameras at night, you would need to either manually turn off Motion Alerts on each Camera, utilize Motion Snooze for a set duration, or turn off motion detection within the Modes settings.

Yes, Ring Protect plan.
I’ll divide this in to 2 types of devices.
Type 1 ) Ring outdoor cameras and doorbell - not set to alarm with Ring Protect.
Type 2 ) Ring door/window open/close sensors, glass breaking, 2 indoor cameras, Ring fob, Ring keypad.
Outdoor cameras and doorbell work perfectly.
My goal is to set Type 2 to work when I change to “Away,” which it does, and set a schedule for them to work at night, which it does. I have no problem with the devices working at desired.
My only problem is I get NO audible alarms from any type 2 devices except the keyboard. NONE. If I am out and my wife opens a window, the keyboard alarms, but I get no notification on my phone or watch. She gets no notifications on phone/watch. The fob is silent. If we are in a part of the house away from the keyboard, we have no way of knowing Ring is alarming. A couple of weeks ago my wife dropped a pan which triggered the alarm (I guess Ring heard that as glass breaking). we didn’t know Ring was alarming until we received a call from a Ring rep.
How do we get Ring to notify us on phone/watch? Can we set Alexa to notify us of Ring alarms?

@requiredusername Most push notifications for the Ring Alarm specifically are controlled under Settings > Alert Settings > Alarm. I would also suggest checking each Sensor under the Alarm Devices list, as you can control Motion Alerts and Open and Close Alerts for each Sensor individually. If you aren’t receiving notifications after verifying everything is toggled on, please try the troubleshooting steps listed here for an iOS device, or here for an Android device. Ensure Do Not Disturb or any silent modes that suppress notifications are turned off.

I do also want to clarify that push notifications are sent if the Ring Alarm system is armed Home or Away and a monitored Sensor is triggered. Additionally, the Base Station will play a siren until it is disarmed, or it has timed out after 10 minutes. When you refer to the “fob”, are you indicating the Base Station? If the siren on the Base Station is not sounding after a monitored Sensor has been triggered in Home or Away Mode, please follow up with our support team at one of the numbers available here so they can assist with any needed troubleshooting steps.

Sorry for the slow response. Here is what I know. The Ring Hub gives an audible tone when an alarm is triggered in AWAY mode. The fob (a small device with a push button that can be carried in a pocket ) makes no sound. 2 androids and one iphone make no sounds. Nothing.
If we are away and a alarm is triggered, we get no notifications.
None of the phones are in DO NOT DISTURB - turned off. Every individual device is set to send Push notifications based on HOME/AWAY. No emails.
Because of the above, I have serious doubts the problem is a setting on only the Base, or the fob, or the phones. Nonetheless, I checked the link you provided. Only questions is it appears I’m instructed to clear data on my phone. Not going to do that. It deletes all settings. I suspect it means Clear Cache.

Hi @requiredusername. I’m happy to chime in. It looks like you have covered the basic troubleshooting steps that we could offer here and are still having the same concern. The next best step would be to contact our support team to further investigate your concern.