Selectable WiFi band

Can we please have the ability to select the Wifi frequency used on the newer devices? Kinda like they used to be able to do before for some odd reason you took that feature off shortly after the first Ring doorbell pro came out.

I have started adding a few cameras (pro models) to my home and one of them gets a poor signal as it constantly tries to connect to 5 ghz rather than 2.4 ghz. It makes mw wish I bought the basic models that are only 2.4 ghz compatible. 5 ghz has a terrible ability to penetrate cinder block walls and 2.4 ghz does very well in that respect. My 2.4 ghz cameras do great outdoors going 25 feet away through a few cinder block walls. My new fancy spotlight cam pro which is not even 12 feet straight line and trying to communicate through a concrete wall to the main router, not so much, and always gives Wifi problems.

I know it’s possible, you offered that ability when the Doorbell pro came out as I remember that option when I installed it. The Netgear Orbi system does not allow you to split two SSIDs between 2.4 and 5 ghz, nor can you assign a device to a particular band. It simply allows a device to connect to whatever it attempts to connect to.

The best way to do this is to have two SSIDs. One for your IoT devices and one for your other devices. The IoT SSID would only be set to use the 2.4 freq.