Security Screws!

Argh I’m about to throw my ring doorbell on the street! I received the gen 2 for Christmas and it wasn’t until I connected it that I discovered the security screws didn’t come with it - just the 4 normal screws that are for the mounting pad so I can’t return it to the hardware store where my husband bought it. The same store provided some tork security screws which were way too big so I ordered some “Ring Doorbell Replacement Security Screws” from Amazon which came today. They are small enough but the little screw driver I got with my doorbell doesn’t fit in these screws and they don’t look the same as the ones in the booklet (they are just tiny little looking normal screws with a teeny tiny star “hole”.

I also rec’d an email from Ring in the beginning with a very vague and confusing message about people using the wrong security screws potentially causing fires.

Can anyone tell me what I should do from here?

If you still have your original packaging, check all of the cardboard inserts and folds. While they should have come in the hardware/ install kit, including in the box with your Video Doorbell, they might also be elsewhere in the box.

Alternatively, replacement hardware can be found on the accessories page at, in Spare Parts Kits.
Accessories | Ring

In regards to security screw installation safety, here is a Help Center article describing this with the Video Doorbell (2020 release). I hope this helps :slight_smile: