Security screws on new Ring Cameras

What engineer at Ring decided it would be a good idea to change from security screws that would unscrew but remain attached to the base while allowing you to remove the doorbell to screws that have to be fully removed? I almost dropped them several times over the winter while trying to remove & reinstall my doorbell for charging with gloves on because it’s too painful to be without in the winter here. Now that my IP address changed & I had to go through the full setup process at 4:30 am, while still dark & while trying to also hold a flashlight, I did drop one - TWICE - & had to search & find it, as small & dark as it is. This is a terrible design flaw! Please go back to the old security screws!!

Hi @user60310. Thanks for the feedback. Try placing a magnetic tray or a box under the doorbell while removing screws. By doing this, you mitigate the risk of losing a dropped screw. I hope this helps.

Agree it’s a daft design - I immediately lost one of the screws whilst installing the new doorbell. Adding the extra step of placing a box or magnetic tray makes a previously simple process into a complicated pain in the neck.

SOLVED! Cost me nothing and took 2 minutes !