Security screw ring 3

am just after one security screw to hold battery plate and battery secure. It’s all out of stock on ring website as I have ordered one of the kits. It won’t be sent until they get more… does anyone know where I can get just the one screw for reasonable price…
or does anyone have one spare they would sell me. I will pay postal cost too… thanks people

Hi there, @Howardboi! The security screws that come with your Video Doorbell are unique in size and head type to both be secure and fit the device model. For this reason, we do not advise using an unintended screw type, or non-security screw. Often times, new Ring devices will feature extra parts, or at least an extra screw, in the box. Check the hardware pack out to see if you might have another in there. If not, it looks like these spare parts kits should be back in stock soon! In the meantime, maybe a neighbor in the Community will share any solutions they found here. :slight_smile: