Security issue. WPA3, what devices have this and which do not?

WPA3 (5ghz is also safer) helps prevent criminal’s Wi-Fi jamming devices from blocking the Wi-Fi network. Criminals have become active in our area with these jamming devices. How to find out which Ring devices have WPA3 and which don’t yet have the firmware update? I am suddenly losing most of our many Ring devices when I change our router settings to WPA3 which most devices should already have, but Ring has not done this with many devices yet. It is also not listed in specs of the devices on the website or products. Thanks

Hi @GoBananas. As stated in this Help Center article, Ring products are not compatible with WPA3. Feel free to vote and comment on this Feature Request post where other neighbors are requesting WPA3 compatibility.

It’s a darn firmware update. So make it compatible. No excuses. Wi-Fi jammers are in use by many criminals, more and more so. This is a serious security issue. Fix it!

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