Security camera recording length

Should be easy. I have Ring Protect Pro and Ring Floodlight Outdoor Security cameras - 1st and 2nd Gen . I want to leave my cameras on ‘Record’ for as long as possible. I found aticles sayig the longest cameras will say on is 120 seconds, some saying 10 minutes, some with 'tricks to record 24/7 (with settings I don’t see in my Ring app). This AM Ring support by phone said I CAN record for continuous 24 hrs and recordings are stored for 180 days.
Which of these is accurate? How do get continuous/recorded view and what’s the longest my cameras can record?

Hi @requiredusername. Our Ring Cameras do not record continuously; they will only record if activated by motion or live view. If a motion is not answered by you, it will record for the amount of time you have set for your Recording Length, which can be up to 120 seconds. If Advanced Motion Detection is on, recordings may end early if the motion stops. If you answer an event, like a motion, you can keep the Live View open for 10 minutes max. As for how long the videos store in your app, it depends on what you have set for your Video Storage Time. I hope this helps.

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