Security Cam that mounts on the inside of a window to monitor the outside

It would be great if Ring creates a security cam that mounts on the inside of a window to monitor the outside. This would be such a great solution because I could mount a camera in almost every room to monitor the exterior. I could also mount one through the small windows in my garage door to monitor the driveway or even inside of my car when I’m parked in the driveway. I would not need to mount an exterior camera high up and install solar panels or run wires to power it or use a ladder to change the battery. This type of camera could be wired or battery powered, and since it would be inside access to the battery doesn’t need to be secured with a screw like video doorbells and outdoor cameras are. That would make changing the battery much easier and faster, especially for elderly people. I believe a product like this would be a game changer and would drive higher sales from existing customers and attract new customers. I would buy many if Ring came out with something like this.