Security Cam Stuck In Update Mode


So I have just installed my new security cam. I have 2 wifi networks. I set it up on my main one as is my doorbell and chime. The signal was weak and I couldn’t get the Live view to work. It will record motion but not every time so I thought I’ll try joining the second wifi network as the access point for that is much nearer the cam location. I cannot get the cam to go into setup mode. When I click the button the camera tells me there is an update taking place [although the app says the device firmware is up to date] I have tried holding the button down for 30 seconds to factory reset the cam but still nothing. Sometimes after holding the button down the floodlights come on but not every time. Very frustrating. Also the ring network doesn’t always show on my phone - any idea why that is???

Any help greatly appreciated



OK - so leaving it for an hour it seems to have sorted itself out. I have now managed to move it onto the secondary wifi network. This was odd though as I have renamed that network and everything find the network under this new name however the Ring Cam would only find the routers original SSID name and also would only accept the SSID password given by the router. Nothing else connects that way - bit odd and a bit annoying that Ring instructions don’t tell you this otherwise I would have completed the set up much easier.