Security cam. Keeps falling off of wifi.

I have four wired spotlight cameras and a ring door bell with a chime. When everything works it is great but even though I have 2 BT Discs to extend the wi fi around my house and away from the main router one of the spotlight cameras keeps falling off of the wifi and won’t go back on. Even when I was holding the disc extender out of the window right beside the camera with the ‘set up mode’ lighht flashing it wouldn’t go on the wifi, just ends up flashing the blue light. My wifi is fast BT Infinity typically showing 30+mbps download and 6.6 upload. The camera doesn’t seem to like the fact that the signal needs to go through the wall of the house. I thought about buying a Chime Pro extender but that shouldn’t really be necessary as I already have the disc extenders. Any ideas?

Hi @Mumfy. Have you tried restarting your internet router? In most cases, doing this causes attached devices to have a stronger connection. Try checking your devices RSSI after doing this. This information can be found in the RIng app under the Device Health section. Let me know how this works!