Secure App Access

I would like to see access to the ring app secured with a simple option to add a PIN code. Facial recognition, or fingerprint access, could also be considered.

I work in a secure establishment and see crime reports on a regular basis, and have seen robbery reports where the offender will ask the victim for the PIN or access code of a stolen phone (and check it works while they have the victim at knife point). If a criminal does this and finds the ring app they then have both your home address (which appears on the very first page of the app!) and instant access to disarm your home security until you are able to get onto a PC and start removing authorised devices. This also applies in less dramatic scenarios where a phone might simply be left unlocked in a public space and picked up - a scenario like this may potentially even be worse because it might not be realised that the phone has been taken until later.

Accidents happen with even the most vigilant, and I feel the addition of a simple PIN to access the App would help to alleviate this concern.